Youth Face Mask with Gold Cross – White

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Product Description:

  • Anti-bacterial coated and washable. Easy fit, comfortable. Stretchable fabric.
  • Three layers:
    • Outer layer – 100% Polyester, anti UV, water repellent.
    • Middle Layer – 100% Polyester- water repellent.
    • Inner Layer – 100% Cotton.
  • Snug fitting. Easy care. Hand wash, line dry. This washable 3 layered reusable mask has a wash cycle of 30.
  • Three layered Facial Mask is non-medical grade.

Youth sizes available in: Black, Blue, and White with an embroidered logo in light gold yarn.

As recommended by the CDC, the wearing of masks may not prevent COVID-19 but acts as an additional measure to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.