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The Fatima Century

by Thomas J. McKenna

The Fatima Century: How the Pilgrim Virgin is Changing Our Generation serves to document some of the “marvels of grace” from seventy years of Our Lady's unrelenting pilgrimage through a sinful world where signal graces are more evident than ever. Never before has a comprehensive account been presented of the myriad of blessings and transformations that have been effected due to the Pilgrim Virgin Statue's missionary presence in various parts of the world.

Thomas McKenna provides uniquely documented and eyewitness accounts of these inspiring encounters. As will become evident in the course of this book, no one is left unaffected by Her presence, Her beauty, Her enchanting gaze. It is almost as if the Statue is a sacramental presence of the one great Sacrament of history, Christ Himself, who comes to men most effectively in Her through whom He first entered the world.

This book aims to inspire readers to take to heart the message of Our Lady of Fatima and attempt to develop a more serious Fatima spirituality, and therefore, a greater love of God.

Softcover – 207 pages