The Day I Didn’t Die

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The Day I Didn't Die
by John M. Haffert

“Write about what you are doing now.” These are the words the author believes to have heard during a near-death experience on July 7, 1996. His major concern at that moment was the golden jubilee celebration of Our Lady of Fatima as Queen of the World and the future of the Blue Army. He felt helpless to do much about either. But his heavenly visitors seemed to say that, since he was about to write a letter to his sister in Carmel, he should begin with that.

He felt relieved because much of what he would write seemed too personal and too delicate to be published in a book. Then a year and three months later, in a letter of October 13, 1997, Pope John Paul II called the miracle of Fatima one of the greatest signs of our times because it brings us face to face with the great alternative facing the world, “the outcome of which,” said the Pope, “depends upon our response.” To encourage this response, the author made the decision to publish what he had revealed in the letter to his sister in this book.

214 pages