My Guardian Angel, My Secret Friend

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My Guardian Angel, My Secret Friend

Delightful children's storay about little Angie, who was sure she had a guardian angel. She even called him Mikey. But when her brother Danny made fun of her, she began to wonder. Then, on their family vacation in the rugged San Miguel mountains, something happened that made the question very important indeed, and made their vacation one they'd never forget.

Along a mountain road, Angie finds a dusty bracelet, the perfect collar for her pet bunny, Hopper. But why were two guys hiding in the bushes interested in it too? And what did this have to do with angels anyway?

This story has a captivating blend of comedy, songs, suspense, and heart-warming emotion and offers an unforgettable lesson about heaven's special gift to each of us – our very own angel.

30 minutes.