Fatima in the World DVD

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Fatima in the World DVD

In this heartwarming documentary, people throughout the world witness the extraordinary ways Our Lady of Fatima has forever changed their lives.

Inspiring stories of heavenly protection during time of war, accounts of peace and healing, and the miracles of conversion have been experienced in the lives of many.

From India to Canada, Europe to Asia, and Africa to the United States, Our Lady of Fátima brings peace and hope to her sons and daughters. The individual testimonies gathered from around the world each share a unique, poignant story of connection and encounter with the Blessed Mother.

Journey with people from around the world who are transformed through their encounter with Our Lady, Mother of all. Listen as they tell of the powerful changes wrought in their lives through Mary's apparitions to three young shepherds in a small town in Portugal in 1917.

90 minutes