Apparations of Mary

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Apparitions of Mary: Their Meaning in History

By Donal Foley

Donal Foley explores a number of approved Apparitions of Mary and links them to historical events that followed the appearances.

Shrines throughout the world are associated with Mary, the Mother of God. What meaning do her apparently random apparitions have? This booklet explains the links that exist among the nine major apparitions of Mary, accepted as authentic by the Church, and correspondingly important revolutionary events in modern Western history.

Parallels are also drawn between these apparitions (Guadalupe 1531, Rue du Bac 1830, La Salette 1846, Lourdes 1858, Pontmain 1871, Knock 1879, Fatima 1917, Beauraing 1932 and Banneax 1933) and various biblical figures and events.

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